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Made-in-Vietnam waste incinerator shows its power

Made-in-Vietnam waste incinerator shows its power

VietNamNet Bridge – The waste incinerator of Vietnamese inventor Trinh Dinh Nang has been used in Bac Kan, Tuyen Quang and Thanh Hoa. But if it is used in other provinces as well, and therefore, can be produced on a large scale, the production costs will be much lower.

Nang’s waste incinerator was displayed at the Vietnam 2015 International Equipment and Technology Trade Fair, which caught the attention from many visitors.

He began working on such an incinerator some years ago, encouraged by the idea that his incinerator may help reduce the negative impact caused by hundreds of tons of medical waste.

In 2009, after successfully creating an incinerator, he filed a patent registration for his ‘hazardous waste incinerator’ to the Ministry of Science and Technology and got the patent in 2012.

Nang’s incinerator is a system which comprises a comprehensive combustion chamber which can burn waste in an uninterrupted process. The incinerator utilizes nano technology which disintegrates hazardous smoke, dust and frog.

The product is believed to have outstanding features which allow it to operate more effectively than products of the same kind.

Nang said that his waste incineration system is movable. The system can work properly if users have a small water tank and can treat the water.

He also said that all the incinerators available in Vietnam don’t have the pressure balance like his. The incinerator can burn waste, eject fire and not oil into burning materials. In the center of the combustion chamber, the temperature can reach 1,800oC.

With Nang’s incinerator, it doesn’t take much time to burn waste. The oil is durable, and there is no technical trouble with oil tubes.

The Ministry of Science and Technology (MST) has certified that Nang’s incinerator is the first medical waste incinerator in Vietnam which can satisfy the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment’s standards and it consumes the volume of fuel 80 percent lower than import products.

If the incinerator runs with diesel, it will need VND5,000 only to burn one kilo or waste. Meanwhile, the incinerators from US, Japan and UK would consume VND70,000-80,000 worth of fuel to burn a kilo of waste.

The outstanding feature of the made-in-Vietnam incinerator is that it can treat many kinds of waste, including domestic garbage and medical waste.

Director of the Bac Kan Science and Technology Department Do Tuan Khiem said the incinerator is a suitable choice for localities with moderate waste capacity. The machine is highly efficient and fuel-saving, which is big advantage in Vietnam’s conditions.

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